पारिमैच क्रिकेट सट्टेबाजी का एक सिंहावलोकन

A sport like cricket is a game where two teams of eleven players take part. They are divided into two categories: throwers and batters, with one of the players acting as the catcher. During the toss, the fielders need to catch the ball so that it bounces off the batsman so that he cannot get hurt.

Certainly, in the world more popular sports like football, hockey, basketball or tennis, but cricket is very popular in India, Australia, the UK and New Zealand, where it is rightly ranked first in importance. With this, the game is attracting a lot of interest from those who provide betting services and is therefore suitable for bookmakers as well as bettors.

There are many sites that allow cricket fans to bet on the game, but Parimatch offers a large selection of match types and betting markets, live streaming and good bonuses are also present here. However, if you are new to cricket betting, you need to follow a number of simple steps before you start. In case you want to make a successful bet on a cricket match, pay attention to three important things:

  • Choosing a betting company: An important step to start where you should check the reputation of the betting site by reading reviews and ratings. You should pay attention to the huge selection of cricket tournaments and matches, the bookmaker’s odds and margins. You should also choose a bookmaker with attractive offers and promotions. Parimatch offers the most tempting bonuses and free bets for placing cricket bets.
  • Familiarise yourself with the rules of the game: You should be aware of the fact that if you do not have the slightest idea about the rules of the game, then daily successful betting is impossible. Undoubtedly, you can guess the result of a match at random, but it will not be systematic. Playing on cricket betting requires certain skills. The peculiarity of cricket is the different versions, these include domestic championships and international competitions.
  • Proper assessment of the current situation: Before making successful bets on cricket, it is necessary to analyse what is happening in the sphere of this sport at the current moment. Namely to find out the level of strength of both teams and their best players. Also, the weather forecast has a significant impact on the outcome of the meeting, as well as the condition of the field where the match is held.

The rules and features of the cricket game to bet on Parimatch

क्रिकेट के खेल पर परिमच सट्टेबाजी.

The original form of the game includes Test cricket. Its difference is that matches consist of four innings and one match can last up to five days. There are other types as well.

For example, day long matches go for one day respectively, where each team plays fifty innings and this kind is used for the World Cups which is rightly an international cricket tournament that stands at the first place. The latest version of this game is T20 cricket. It is the shortest version in which both the opponents play only one innings. T20 cricket is used in इंडियन प्रीमियर लीग. Apart from this, one can participate as a bettor in the Indian Premier League and some other tournaments.

Types of cricket bets at Parimatch

Parimatch offers its gamblers a large number of different types of bets that relate to cricket. It is possible to predict both the outcomes of matches and individual useful actions of each player. The main types of bets include the following categories of bets:

  • Winner of the match;
  • Total number of points;
  • Individual total;
  • Handicap;
  • Total number of runs scored;
  • Total number of wickets; 
  • Best batsman;
  • Best bowler.

It should be noted that some of them are available only in LINE, while others are open in live betting. So, if you start betting on cricket at Parimatch, you should consider at least the above features to get much more opportunities for successful cricket betting. If you are lucky enough to gain experience, your winnings will become regular and bring you a lot of pleasure.