Parimatch Review with Pros & Cons

Parimatch Review with Pros & Cons

Parimatch is a trusted betting platform that has over 14 million users. I am among one of them. I have used Parimatch to bet my money on multiple games over the past two years. And since I have been benefited by this betting platform and have my thrills of betting from time to time, a Parimatch review was long due. 

I’ll be honest with you in this review while writing this review. Let’s hit it off by a quick introduction of Parimatch. They are one of the oldest bookers in Europe. They started their betting platform in 1996, and since then, they have expanded it to the stature of a titan. Parimatch started its online business in 2000. It is an international platform that is perhaps the best for betting and has a customer base that exceeds 14 million. 

They have a local license in Russia and the eastern part of Europe. And recently, Parimatch is focusing on extending their platform in the African countries. Honestly, being a customer of Parimatch myself for over three years, I feel that as a bookmaker Parimatch is a much more honest and transparent that most others out here. 

Parimatch is trusted by people and sportsmen.

For the convenience for its users, Parimatch has launched its App so that users can bet and see the scores while on the go. They do not need to carry a hefty lappy to participate in betting. For further convenience of the users, Parimatch has launched its quickbet facilities. You will not have to go through multiple steps to place bets. After your account is confirmed and authorized, you can go for quick bets and place bets with just a few taps on your finger. 

When occasionally I feel in the mood for betting and earning some quick money, I turn to Parimatch. The developers seem to understand that not all players are interested in a single kind of sports. Hence along with the more popular soccer, basketball and cricket, Parimatch also lets you bet on horse races, kabaddi, Indian IPL games, etc. there are scores of other avenues that you can explore. Frankly, once you get the hand of it, you kind of explore the site and what it has to offer eventually. It also gives live streaming of matches so that you can follow the match you have placed your bet on, even if you do not have a cable connection at the moment. 

You know what is my favorite part of Parimatch? It is the fact that this bookmaking platform lets people withdraw their prize just within 24 hours of winning! This make Parimatch so popular. This platform will not coerce or force you to go for multiple laps (even if you don’t want to), before you can withdraw your bet. You win and then you withdraw your money. Of course, there is a procedure for withdrawal. Parimatch will issue you a certificate saying that you have withdrawn the money and the account has been settles.

If you are searching for a platform to bet your money on, then I highly suggest Parimatch for its transparency, honesty, variety and simplicity! 

PariMatch India website for betting.

However, like all good things, Parimatch comes with a few lacunas. As I am giving a Parimatch review, I guess a pros and cons session was coming up.


  • Over 25 sports to bet on
  • Live match streaming
  • Quick bets
  • Quick withdrawal
  • App is available
  • Easy UI
  • Good odds of winning


  • Verification policy takes time
  • Not available in many major languages
  • Live betting acceptance is a tad slow
Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
5.0 Overall Rating

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