How to withdraw money from betting sites

Dear friends, today we shall be learning about how to withdraw money from betting sites. So, Let’s get started!


Being in the field of betting you get a lot of questions from a lot of people about:

  • How the process of transaction is handled?
  • On what basis winners are chosen?
  • How the winners withdraw their winning amount?

How the process of transaction is handled

The process of the transaction depends on the site that you are using. There are many websites that accept different modes of payment depending on the requirement. It entirely depends on the better of what website he will be choosing. Certain websites come with few features and modes of payment. They are restricted due to the rules laid down by their country’s government. 

On what basis winners are chosen

The winners of the game are chosen on the basis of set criteria. The betters bet on certain scenarios and conditions. These conditions are preset by them before the commencement of the game. When the conditions are in the favour of the better, the better wins the bet. This is how the winner is chosen in the game. 

How the winners withdraw their winning amount

Online betting sites in India offer various transaction methods. The individual can choose the payment mode as per his facility. But as the game is unauthorized in several countries withdrawal of money gets a little tough. The various payment modes available for the betters are as follow:

  • Debit card: Initially the Indians made a lot out of the opportunity of Neteller’s debit card. This payment mode gave the Indians the facility to withdraw their winning amount through their bank accounts. But since 2011 Neteller desisted from availing their service to Indians. Another option besides Neteller is This is another debit card in the form of softcopy.
  • PayPal: This application has granted permission to certain countries to transact their gambling amount. Besides these countries, if any other country involves in gambling transactions they would be thrown behind the bars for a long span. This application is not available to Indian gamblers. But there are a lot of them who still transact gambling money through the application.
  • E-Wallets: E-wallets are the middleman between the gambling site and the bank. Neteller is one of the most used e-wallets for gambling. Betway is the famous application that allows the Indian users to withdraw the winning amount through this e-wallet. There is another e-wallet called as Skrill. This e-wallet is also very famous among gambling websites.
  • Transfer services: There are various online financial institutions that provide transfer services to all. By using these services, the gambler can withdraw his gambling money. But these services charge a lot for transferring the amount hence, they are quite expensive.

There are various betting sites in India that enables the gamblers to bet. How to withdraw money from betting sites has been a very frequent question, but now you know the answer.

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